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RuralGeo 2023: 3rd European Rural Geographies Conference 26-29 June 2023, Groningen, NL

 Mittwoch, 25.01.2023

Call for abstracts for the session “Rural areas in a decarbonizing society: identifying barriers and solutions for just, accepted energy transition and sustainable rural development”

Rural spaces play a crucial role for decarbonizing the energy system of our society. Renewable energies, first and foremost wind and solar, can be produced (de-)centrally in nearly all parts of the world, solar even both in urban and rural settings. Nevertheless, it is predominantly rural areas where wind turbines and solar plants are built, which cause quite often land use conflicts and raise up questions about spatial burdens and benefits of the energy transition, justice, the acceptance of renewable energies and more general about (self-determined) development pathways for sustainable rural spaces.

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