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Coming to Vechta
Study, research, short stay: We support you on your way to Vechta University and during your stay or study!

Bachelor and master studies

The range of studies offered by the University of Vechta is characterized by focal points in the fields of education and upbringing (teaching profession) as well as social services.

In addition, there is a wide range of subjects from A for English (Anglistik) studies to W for "Economics and Ethics: Social Business" (Wirtschaft und Ethik).
Overview of the subjects

Steps before enrolment

Application procedure and deadlines

Apply by September 30! Only for the admission-restricted programs (Bachelor Social Work as well as German Studies, Sachunterricht and Mathematics in the Bachelor Combined Studies) an earlier deadline (July 31 in 2021) applies. For Sport, English Studies, Design Education and Music Education, please note the dates of the qualifying examinations.

The application is sent directly to us (i.e. not via Uni-Assist). Details about the application process can be found here. If you have any questions about the application process or requirements, please feel free to contact us!

Preliminary review of the application documents

You are unsure whether your school report is recognized for a Bachelor's program (or your Bachelor's degree for a Master's program) at the University of Vechta?

We will gladly check your certificates in advance!

Language certificate and admission with conditions

If you do not yet have the required language certificate, but have advanced language skills, it may be possible to be admitted on a case-by-case basis with the condition that you submit the language certificate at a later date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Support for the application

Would you like support in filling out the applicant portal?

Feel free to contact us (at to schedule an appointment with one of our student assistants!

German intensive courses B2/C1 and format training

The International Office offers intensive language courses for prospective students, applicants and students who need to submit the language certificate.

BAföG and German Scholarship

Lea Sophie Schmidt ( will gladly advise you on questions regarding the BAföG application and the German Scholarship.

Offers for students

Advice and support during studies

We are also happy to advise and support you during your studies. Among other things, we offer mentoring programs, German intensive courses and a regulars' table for international students.

In addition, you can, of course, take advantage of the services offered by other university institutions, such as the Writing Advisory Services and the language courses offered by the Language Center or the services offered by the Central Student Advisory Service and the Career Service.


The International Office organizes a wide variety of (inter-)cultural events and free-time activities. These include the Brown Bag Lunch, in which international students present their home country, international film evenings at the University cinema in Vechta, excursions (e.g. as part of the "Discover" initiative) and much more.

Campus life: further offers

A wide range of university sports activities for all students as well as the activities of the church on campus and various student initiatives enrich campus life at the university.

Further information

The Coordination of Family-Friendly Universities will gladly advise you on the compatibility of studies and family and on compensatory arrangements to make your studies more family-friendly!

Further information for prospective students and students with a refugee background (e.g. on language courses, on studying despite lost certificates due to escape, and information for Kiron students) can be found here.

If you are interested, you can apply for a room in a student residence hall. Since there may be waiting times for admission to the dormitories, you should submit your application early. Information about the dormitories in Vechta can be found here.

Alternatively, you can look for an apartment with a private landlord.


Information on scholarships can be found in the DAAD scholarship database.

Students of the University of Vechta can also apply for the German Scholarship.


A semester fee of € 382.70 (one-time) per semester is charged for the study program (as of summer semester 2018). Please note that the semester fees may change from semester to semester. These must be paid before each new semester and are used to re-register students. The semester fee also includes the semester ticket.

In Germany, international students (who are not citizens of the EU) are allowed to work without a work permit for a total of 120 days or 240 half days per year. Please keep in mind that the income can by no means finance an entire academic year.

Rent costs currently range from 170 euros - approximately 350 euros per month. A rent of 200 Euro results in a cost of living of approximately 695 Euro.

The following list details the monthly costs you will incur while studying at Vechta University and serves as an aid to your budget planning. However, the figures presented here only represent approximate values, which may vary depending on your own needs. The semester contribution is not included here.

Dormitory room (incl. heating, electricity and water)€ 200,-
Catering€ 180,-
Clothing€ 50,-
Health insurance and liability insurance€ 100,-
Study materials€ 60,-
Telephone and internet€ 55,-
Leisure and sports€ 50,-
means of transport, since you have a semester ticket€ 00,-


€ 695,-

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • the winter semester (WiSe) from 01 October to 31 March
  • and the summer semester (SoSe) from April 01 to September 30.

In the winter semester, the lecture period lasts approximately from mid-October to mid-February and comprises 14 weeks. In the summer semester, the lecture period lasts approximately from mid-April to the end of July and also comprises 14 weeks.

The current semester dates can be found here.

Registration & Residence Permit

Newly arrived students are required to register their residential address at the citizens' office of the city of Vechta. Newly arrived students from non-EU countries must also apply for a residence permit at the district of Vechta.

Bank account

For smooth and cost-effective payment transactions (e.g. payment of rent and semester fees), we recommend that students open a German bank account (if they do not already have one). Students do not pay account maintenance fees at most local banks in Vecha.

Health insurance

German health insurance is generally required for enrollment at the university. There are some exceptions: For students from an EU country, the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is accepted for study in Germany. (Exception: If you are doing a part-time job or a paid internship in Germany, you must have German health insurance). For students from Turkey, the AT/11 form is recognized for studies.

In Germany there are statutory and private health insurance companies.

Statutory health insurances currently have contributions of about 100 Euros per month. They cover almost all costs of medical treatments, which are settled directly between the health insurance company and the doctors. This means that you only have to show your insurance card when visiting the doctor and do not have to advance any money for the treatment personally. The statutory health insurance companies in Germany are obliged to insure students up to their 30th birthday at the student rate. If you are 30 or older, on the other hand, you must choose a private health insurance company, as the statutory health insurance company will no longer accept you. We recommend a statutory health insurance, if this is possible for you!
Private health insurance companies calculate premiums based on a health check. If you are privately insured, you have to pay for the doctor's visits yourself, but you will get the money back from the health insurance company when you submit the bill there. Exactly which costs are covered depends on the insurance company.

If you choose private insurance, you will need a so-called "exemption" for enrollment. This is a certificate that the insurance is sufficient. This certificate is issued by public health insurance companies. Please note that only a few private insurances meet the requirements for an exemption and you cannot rely on the fact that an insurance that was accepted by fellow students a few years ago is still accepted today.