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Other institutions


The Medienkompetenzzentrum (MKZ) (Media Literary Centre) is a meeting and working space combining perspectives of media education, media didactics, media studies and media technology to support education in a digitally dominated world.

LI Food

The Landesinitiative Ernährungswirtschaft (LI FOOD) (state initiative of the food industry) concentrates skills and know-how in all areas of the food industry for the whole of Lower Saxony.


The Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (ZfLB) (School of Education) strengthens vocational, competence-oriented and research-based teacher training and continuing professional development, which is based on cooperation with partners in education and academia.


At the Zentrum für Vertrauensforschung (ZfV) [Centre of Trust Research] the significance of trust and mistrust for various areas of social life is investigated in a systematic manner. In this way, goal-oriented contributions to the solution of specific problems within social coexistence can be achieved.