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Committee Administration

Committees of the University of Vechta

Committees - Why at all?


Universities organize themselves and their members. This is also called "academic self-administration". For this reason, important decisions on research, teaching and study are made in the committees. For example, the university structure and development planning are discussed, personnel development (e.g. appointments to professorships) and matters relating to examination law are decided. Which committees advise and / or decide on which matters can be viewed on the following pages.

In most committees, all status groups are represented in order to be able to take their interests into account. The four status groups are:

  • University teachers
  • Scientific, artistic staff and teachers for special tasks ("central building")
  • Students (incl. enrolled doctoral candidates, unless scientific/artistic MA, LfbA)
  • Employees in technology and administration (MTV Group)

University Council

The University Council has the task of advising the Presidium and the Senate.

In addition, he has to comment on the development and economic plans of the University of Vechta, the draft target agreements and the proposals of the Senate for the appointment or appointment of members of the Presidium.

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Senate & Commissions

The Senate decides, among other things, on the regulations of the university and their changes as well as the development planning.

In addition, the Senate forms further permanent central commissions to prepare its decisions, to support its tasks and to advise the Presidium:

  • HPK
  • KFN
  • KIK
  • Ethics committee
  • Electoral commission

Standing commissions

The permanent commissions of the University of Vechta include the Central Study Commission (ZSK), the Commission for Gender Equality (KfG) and the Study Quality Commission (SQK).

Committee Dates


The various committees meet at regular intervals.


In order to make it easier for everyone to plan, the meeting dates have already been set until the end of the summer semester 2023.