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Committees of the University of Vechta

What are committees for?

Universities organise themselves and their members in an independent way. This is also called “academic self-governance”. For this reason, important decisions on research, teaching and studies are made in committees. For example, the university structure and development planning are discussed, staff developments (e.g., appointments of professors) and matters relating to examination law are agreed upon. Which committees deliberate and/or decide on which matters can be found on the following pages.

University Council

The University Council advises the University Executive Board and the Senate.

In addition, it has to comment, among other things, on the development and economic plans of the University of Vechta, the drafts of target agreements and the proposals of the Senate for the nomination or appointment of members of the University Executive Board.


The Senate decides, among other things, on the university’s regulations and their amendments, as well as on development planning.

In addition, the Senate forms further standing central committees to prepare its resolutions, to support its tasks and to advise the University Executive Board.

Standing committees

The standing committees of the University of Vechta include the Central Academic Planning Committee (ZSK), the Equality Committee (KfG) and the Study Quality Committee (SQK).