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© Photo by Yan Krukov | Pexel

Tandem Language Learning

Are you interested in improving your language skills outside of the classroom environment? Would you like to have an intercultural learning exchange? Then tandem language learning could be your cup of tea! You would work with a learning partner from another country. They learn your native language and and you learn theirs. The idea of this partnership is that both partners should benefit equally. A Colombian exchange student could learn German from a student here who is trying to improve their Spanish.

If you are interested in finding a tandem partner, we will add you to our register. Please fill in the registration form. We will contact you  once we have found a learning partner for you.

Registration for a language tandem has been activated again. If you are interested, please use our registration form.

Materials for tandem learning

Photo credits: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash (Seagull project) | Alexis Brown on Unsplash (Profin project)