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The faculties’ international coordinators

The international coordinators are the contact persons for questions about internationalisation and see to an exchange of information between faculties, the university management and the International Office.

As members of the Committee for International Cooperation (KiK), the international coordinators support coordination and improvement of the university’s teaching and research in the international field.

The following contact persons from the faculties are able to provide you with more information. For general and organisational questions, please contact the International Office. You can find the contact information at

Faculty I

Education and Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf (Social Services Management) Jantje Halberstadt (Business and Ethics)

Magnus Frampton (Social Work) 

Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann (Education Studies)

Prof. Dr. Harald Künemund (Gerontology)

Faculty II

Natural and Social Sciences

apl. Prof. Dr. Karl-Martin Born (Geography) 

Prof. Petra Wolters (Physical Education/Sports Science) 

Dr. Dr. Thomas Must (Natural and Social Sciences as an Interdisciplinary School Subject (“Sachunterricht”))

Dr. Stephan Sandkötter (Social and Political Science) 

Prof. Dr. Michael Ewig, Temporary, (Biology) 

Neruja Suriakumaran (Mathematics)

Georg Müller (History) 

Prof. Dr. Egon Spiegel (Theology) 

Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Merle (Philosophy) 

Dr. Nils Aschenbeck (Design Pedagogy) 

Prof. Dr. Markus Fauser (German Studies) 

Dr. Christoph Schaub (Cultural Studies) 

Prof. Dr. Kai Koch (Music Education) 

Dr. Aaron Mitchell (English Studies)