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Range of programmes

Are you looking for an interesting and future-oriented degree programme that reflects the highest professional standards? Then you have come to the right place. The University of Vechta is a modern campus university with a focus on teacher training, social and human services and a dual-major Bachelor’s degree, which opens up a whole range of professional fields with a variety of subject combinations or which can be the basis for various Master’s degree programmes. “A degree programme that suits me” is our philosophy.

Focus on people and society

The University of Vechta has four key profiles, which are constantly being further developed. These include: teacher training, social and human services, transformation processes in rural areas, and cultural studies. These key profiles all have in common a focus on people and society. This is also reflected in the range of programmes: innovative, sustainable and future-oriented.

The specialisation of the University of Vechta is unique in Lower Saxony. Studying here opens up a variety of career paths and professions. The University of Vechta addresses those who want to work with people and to be there for people.

 On this page, we present the diversity that characterises the University of Vechta.

Our range of programmes

Teacher training

for primary schools and lower secondary schools (Haupt- and Realschule). Here, you can find out how the teacher training programme at our university works, which subjects you can combine and what you need to consider. All information at a glance.

Two subjects in the dual-major Bachelor’s degree

The Bachelor Combined Studies is a polyvalent degree programme, which allows for studies with the goal of becoming a teacher, as well as 119 possible subject combinations, which allow for organising studies exactly as desired. A late change of the career goal during the course of studies is also possible. The Central Student Advisory Service will be happy to advise you on all options. Click here to contact the Central Student Advisory Service.

Bachelor Combined Studies

A degree programme with two options (with/without teacher training option) and many possibilities. A degree programme that suits me.

This is a film about the Bachelor Combined Studies


16 subjects in 119 possible combinations – that is the Bachelor Combined Studies. In the degree programme, you have to combine two disciplines and can study with or without a teacher training option. For example, Business and Ethics with Social Sciences, Physical Education/Sports Science with English Studies or Design Pedagogy with German Studies and many more. Just a degree programme that suits me.


Bachelor Social Work

Focus on people – training for a variety of fields of action in social institutions, such as family support, child and youth welfare, addiction counselling, migration work, school social work, probation services, etc.

Bachelor Social Service Management (MSD)

This Bachelor’s degree programme combines business and management knowledge with social work, gerontology, law and psychology.

Bachelor Gerontology

This Bachelor’s degree programme deals with human ageing and the societal changes that accompany it.

Good reasons to opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Vechta

Choose among various profiles

The choice is yours. Our degree programmes offer you the opportunity to choose modules according to your interests. Cross-programme modules are offered in the cross-curricular field of studies. Learn a new language, deepen your business knowledge, learn about conflict management and communication or work on sustainability issues.

International studies

The University of Vechta cooperates with over 140 partner universities worldwide. With a semester abroad or a placement / an internship abroad, you can discover the big wide world. Gain unique experiences.

University Open to Non-Traditional Students

Studying without a general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur)? It’s possible! We will be happy to advise you on your options.


Master of Education

For teacher training at primary schools and lower secondary schools. A 4-semester, condensed preparation for the teaching practice period (Referendariat) with an extensive practical component and reflection with regard to professional practice.

Transformation Management in Rural Areas

Transformation Management in Rural Areas takes an interdisciplinary view on the processes involved.

Cultural Studies

Actively shape cultural change, analyse and develop processes.

Master Social Work

The Master Social Work is a demanding, research-oriented Master’s degree programme that focuses on examining issues of normality and deviance in the field of social work.


The Master’s degree programme Gerontology deals with interdisciplinary perspectives on human ageing.

Social Service Management

This Master’s degree programme combines economic thinking and action with the specifics of social and human services.

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