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Graduate Centre

Graduate Centre of the University of Vechta

Support for junior researchers and academic staff


The Graduate Centre supports young researchers with financial means so that they can pursue all their research interests.


The Graduate Centre offers demand-oriented, interdisciplinary qualification, consulting and networking opportunities in the form of events.

A picture of the Executive Committee, the Director of the administrative office and the assistant to the Director

Service & Consultation

As a cross-faculty, central institution, the Graduate Centre offers services and consultations that can be divided into four areas.

As an inter-faculty, central institution, the Graduate Centre develops demand-oriented, interdisciplinary qualification, consultation and networking offers for junior researchers and the entire academic staff of the University of Vechta.

The Graduate Centre at the University of Vechta focuses on a broad target group:

  • Master’s students
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Habilitation candidates
  • Teaching staff for specific tasks
  • Academic staff
  • Professors
  • Research and higher education managers

Members of the Graduate Centre have the opportunity to take part in developing, participating in and evaluating the offers.

Self-conception of the Graduate Centre

The Graduate Centre sees itself as a central organisational unit that acts as a contact point, supports, initiates and coordinates all matters relating to the qualification of and support for junior researchers and academic staff.

The Graduate Centre is a central institution that, with its offers, brings together abroadly defined target group in terms of academic and cooperative exchange, especially with regard to transitions and changes between status/employee groups in the course of academic careers.

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