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Coming to Vechta
Studies, research, short-term stay: We support you on your way to the University of Vechta and during your stay or studies.

Exchange studies


As a student from a non-German university, you can study at the University of Vechta for one semester or up to a maximum of three semesters as part of an exchange programme. You will get to know the German language and culture and benefit for your life from the experience gained.


For first-hand accounts from exchange students at the University of Vechta, check out the video “30 years of Erasmus - International students tell their stories”.



Degree programmes

The range of degree programmes offered by the University of Vechta is characterised by key profiles in the fields of Education and Social and Human Services.

There is a wide range of programmes from A for Anglistik (English Studies) to W for Wirtschaft und Ethik (“Business and Ethics: Social Business”.

Courses in English

The University of Vechta offers a range of courses in Englishfor exchange students.

The focus is on “International Management and Practical Ethic” and courses in “Social Work and Gerontology”.

Two students are sitting in front of a computer while talking lively with the teacher next to them.

Language courses

During the orientation weeks before the start of the semester (Smoother Start Programme), exchange students have the opportunity to attend a German intensive course. During the semester itself, the Language Centre also offers German courses at various levels and other foreign language courses that are open to all students.

Arrival and orientation

Smoother start programme

Two weeks before the semester starts, the International Office offers orientation weeks for international exchange students. In addition to an intensive German course, the programme includes intercultural training and the handling of organisational matters, such as registration with the city of Vechta, enrolment and help with the timetable. In addition, the programme offers many possibilities to socialise.

Mentoring programme VIP

In the mentoring programme VIP (Vechta’s International Mentoring Programme), international exchange students are supported by a student mentor. They help with orientation in Vechta and at the university. Joint activities may also be part of the programme if the students are interested.

Four students are sitting and talking on a bright green lawn of the University of Vechta.


The International Office maintains a housing database for international exchange students. The housing database contains furnished rooms in the halls of residence and in private shared flats.

Community and activities


The International Office organises a wide variety of (inter)cultural events and leisure activities. These include the Brown Bag Lunch, during which international students present their home country, international film evenings at the University Cinema of Vechta, excursions (e.g., as part of the Discover initiative) and much more.


In the local ERASMUS initiative InterMento, Vechta students with an interest in intercultural exchange organise various activities for exchange students, such as the Welcome Party, sports events and excursions.

More offers

A wide range of university sports activities for all students as well as the activities of the Church on Campus and various student initiatives contribute to campus life at the university.

You are enrolled at a university outside of Germany? We would be delighted if you decided to study in Vechta for an exchange semester!

To apply for an exchange semester at the University of Vechta, please send us the application for admission by June 30 for the following winter semester or by November 15 for the following summer semester.

Further information

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • the winter semester (WiSe) from 1 October to 31 March
  • and the summer semester (SoSe) from 1 April to 30 September.

In the winter semester, the lecture period lasts approximately from mid-October to mid-February and comprises 14 weeks. In the summer semester, the lecture period lasts approximately from mid-April to the end of July and also comprises 14 weeks.

You can find the current semester dates here.

The International Office will assist you with the necessary formalities involved in moving to Vechta as well as with the steps for enrolment during the introductory weeks (Smoother Start Programme).

Registration and residence permit

Newly arrived students are required to register their residential address at the Bürgerbüro (citizen’s centre) of the city of Vechta. Students from non-EU countries also have to apply for a residence permit at the district of Vechta.

Bank account

For smooth and cost-effective payment transactions (e.g., payment of rent and semester fees), we recommend that exchange students open a German bank account. Students do not have to pay account maintenance fees at most local banks in Vecha.

Health insurance

German health insurance is generally required for enrolment at the university. There are some exceptions: For students from an EU country, the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is accepted for studying in Germany. (Exception: If you have a part-time job or are doing a paid internship/placement in Germany, you must have a German health insurance.) For students from Turkey, the AT/11 form is recognised for studying.

In Germany, there are statutory and private health insurance companies.

The contribution for statutory health insurance currently amounts to about EUR 100 per month. This covers almost all costs of medical treatments, which are settled directly between the health insurance company and the doctors. This means that you only have to show your insurance card when visiting the doctor and you do not have to advance any money for the treatment. The statutory health insurance companies in Germany are obliged to insure students at the student rate up to their 30th birthday. If you are 30 or older, on the other hand, you have to choose a private health insurance company, as the statutory health insurance company will no longer accept you. We recommend a statutory health insurance, if this is possible for you.
Private health insurance companies calculate premiums based on a health check. If you are privately insured, you have to pay for the consultations yourself, but you will get the money back from the health insurance company when you submit the bill there. Exactly which costs are covered depends on the insurance company.

If you choose private insurance, you will need an exemption for enrolment. This is a certificate stating that the insurance is sufficient. Statutory health insurance companies issue this certificate. Please note that only a few private insurances meet the requirements for an exemption and you cannot rely on the fact that an insurance that was accepted for fellow students a few years ago will still be accepted today.

Students can, with the approval of their home university, extend their stay for a second semester. All that is required is the transfer of the semester fee.

In order to remain enrolled for a third semester, an additional application must be submitted to the Admissions Office.

Within the framework of cooperation with partner universities, we regularly offer scholarships for exchange students.

The semester fee is about EUR 250 per semester for exchange students and includes the semester ticket (to use local buses and trains).

Rent costs currently range from EUR 170 to approximately EUR 350 per month. A rent of EUR 200 results in costs of living of approximately EUR 675.

The following list details the monthly costs that will incur while you study at the University of Vechta and is to help you plan your budget. However, the figures are only approximate values, which may vary depending on your own needs. The semester fees are not included here.

Room in a hall of residence (incl. heating, electricity, water)

EUR 200


EUR 180


EUR 50

Health insurance and liability insurance

EUR 100

Study materials

EUR 60

Telephone and internet

EUR 55

Leisure and sports

EUR 50

Means of transport, since you have a semester ticket



EUR 695