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The divisions of the University of Vechta

Exterior view of the University Library Vechta (photo: University of Vechta/Meckel)

Division 1: Human Resources

Division 1 is divided into three units: Human Resource Management, Human Resource Budget Management and Human Resource Development.

In the foreground, there is a guidepost of the campus guidance system. In the background, there is the bridge and the University Library (photo: University of Vechta/Meckel).

Division 2: Finance

Division 2 consists of the units Economic Management, Finance and Accounting, External-Funding Management and Central Purchasing.

Three students doing group work in the library (photo: University of Vechta/

Division 3: Student and Academic Affairs

In “Division 3: Student and Academic Affairs”, the staff members deal with questions regarding admission and enrolment, examination administration and central degree programme coordination and are responsible for the content of Stud.IP.

Exterior view of building E and assembly hall. In the foreground, there are trees and the bridge’s lamps. In the background, there are rows of windows of the buildings (photo: University of Vechta/Meckel).

Division 4: Properties

facilities. This includes new construction, expansion and conversion measures in coordination with the facilities to be used and in close cooperation with the Staatliches Baumanagement (state construction management), the technical operation, cleaning and green-space maintenance, as well as the workplace assignments and implementation of removals.

Photo credits: University of Vechta/Meckel/