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Note on accessibility

The University of Vechta seeks to make its website accessible in accordance with the Niedersächsisches Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz (NBGG) (Lower Saxony act on equal opportunities for disabled persons), implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and the European Council. This note on accessibility applies to the offers at, and

Status of compatibility with the requirements

These web pages are partially compatible with the guidelines of NBGG. The incompatibilities and exceptions are listed below.

Non-accessible content

  • Documents are mostly not available in accessible versions.
  • The hierarchy of the headings is partly not being respected.
  • Not all images and graphics are provided with alternative texts.
  • Some elements are incorrectly labelled as tables or some tables are used to position content.
  • In some cases, full-text alternatives or subtitles are not available or incomplete for embedded videos.
  • No information is provided in German Sign Language or Leichte Sprache (easy language).


Due to the large number of PDF documents made available online that were created before 23 September 2018, it has not yet been possible to convert all of them into an accessible format. They will be successively adapted.

The University of Vechta has an extensive and multifaceted website. Therefore, compliance with accessibility requirements in editorial processes cannot always be ensured.

The responsible units at the University of Vechta are continuously working on improving accessibility within their technical and organisational possibilities.

Preparation of this note on accessibility 

This note was prepared on 22 April 2021.
Method: self-assessment

Feedback and contact details

If you have noticed any deficiencies in accessibility or if you have any questions on the subject of accessibility, please feel free to contact us via our Contact form.

Enforcement procedure

If the university does not respond to your messages or enquiries about accessibility in a satisfactory manner within six weeks, you can contact the state representative for the interests of people with disabilities (ombudsperson) in Lower Saxony.

You can contact the ombudsperson directly by phone: +49 (0) 511 120 4010 or via email at