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Coming to Vechta
Study, research, short stay: We support you on your way to Vechta University and during your stay or study!


If you would like to enroll in a Bachelor's or Master's program at the University of Vechta, you can choose from a wide range of different study programs.

International doctoral students are also welcome.

Information about studying, applying and student life in Vechta can be found at the following link:
Study information



Further information

Prospective students who have a residence status according to annex 1 of the resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of 03.12.2015 due to escape or as a result of political disadvantage and who are unable to present a university entrance qualification because they no longer possess the relevant evidence, can alternatively provide proof by taking a placement examination. This examination takes place directly at Vechta University. It is a subject-related examination (depending on the intended course of study).

The complete documents for the application for admission to the placement examination must be submitted by 15.02. of the intended year of study. The examination will then take place around the middle of June.

Alternatively, refugees who are unable to present their university entrance qualification certificates due to their escape can take an entrance test and an assessment test at the Lower Saxony Preparatory College (Niedersächsische Studienkolleg) to obtain the entrance qualification for a chosen field of study at the Preparatory College. In addition, there is the option of obtaining direct university admission for an admission-free course of study if they pass the entrance test with above-average results.

The requirements for all these procedures are an examination of the legal residence conditions and a plausibility check of the educational biography.

Even if you as a refugee have certificates available, but only as a simple copy, a check of the plausibility of the educational biography and, depending on the documents, possibly an examination (entrance test of the Preparatory College or placement examination at the University of Vechta) is necessary.

The described procedures are based on the corresponding KMK resolution of 03.12.2015  ("University access and university admission for applicants who cannot provide proof of the university entrance qualification acquired in their home country").

Please contact us well in advance of applying as these procedures take time.

The University of Vechta offers an alternative to attending the Preparatory College Hanover for refugees who wish to study at the University of Vechta and who, due to their foreign secondary school certificate, do not have a direct university entrance qualification but do have an entrance qualification for the Preparatory College.

Refugees who are interested in studying and who are entitled to admission to the Preparatory Course can be admitted to the placement examination in accordance with § 10 of the Framework Examination Regulations. If this examination is passed, an application or enrollment for the study program in which the placement examination was taken can take place.

The requirement for admission to the placement examination is the prior successful completion of (introductory) modules of the intended course of study, which are determined by the departmental student advisor together with the prospective student. Attendance of these modules takes place in the status of a guest auditor; therefore, when selecting the modules, the restrictions according to the specifications on modules that can be studied and on examinations in guest auditor studies must be observed.

In addition, if the language certificate required for studying is not yet available, a German course (TestDaF preparation) should be attended at the University of Vechta.

Entry into this procedure is usually possible in the winter semester; upon successful completion of the module exams and the placement exam, application or enrollment at Vechta University can take place in the following winter semester.

Requirements are a refugee status (irrespective of the status of the asylum procedure), a secondary school certificate by which an entrance qualification for the Preparatory College is available, and knowledge of the German language on the level B2.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact the contact person, Dr. Katrin Schumacher, as early as possible.

Refugees who participate in the program of "Kiron Open Higher Education GmbH" and are interested in studying at the University of Vechta can and must apply like all prospective students.

Based on the courses offered by Kiron, the following professionally related courses may be suitable, for example:

  • Social Work (Bachelor or Master)
  • Management of Social Services (Bachelor or Master)
  • Business and Ethics: Social Business (in Bachelor Combined Studies)
  • Social Sciences (in Bachelor Combined Studies)
  • Political Science (in Bachelor Combined Studies)

The complete range of studies can be found here.

You may apply for recognition of services completed under the Kiron program.

For modules offered by universities, an application for credit transfer is made. Information on this application can be found here.

If modules have been taken that do not originate from universities, an application for crediting of competencies acquired outside of universities can be submitted for these modules, if applicable Information on this application and the contact details of the contact person, Maria Goldberg, can be found here.

Dr. Katrin Schumacher is gladly answering any questions.






supported by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

This project is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.