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Responsibility is Key

Looking to the future, shaping the change

At the University of Vechta, we place questions about the future of society at the heart of academic discourse across all of the different stages of human life. From education studies and early years education, to teacher training, to social and human services and gerontology. The University with its mission statement ‘Responsibility is Key’ has designated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework as core points of reference for research and teaching. Through responsible research and teaching, the University aims to promote sustainable solutions to contemporary social challenges which are in harmony with the needs of society.

Looking to the future, shaping the change – this is what the University of Vechta aspires to in sending its graduates out into the world. They are provided with the skills needed to function as primary, and lower secondary school (Hauptschule and Realschule) teachers, for the social and human services sector, for business ethics, for transformation management in rural areas, for cultural and education studies, and for the social sciences. The University actively discharges its responsibility as an educational institution and consequently a provider of essential services, and through its profile embraces the challenge of contributing to the shaping of a social, sustainable, democratic society that is fit for the future.


Photo credits: Family-friendly university (234594/Colourbox), Our history (Hanschmidt/Kuropka, 1980), Other: University of Vechta/Meckel/