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Current Research Information System

The University of Vechta is introducing a Current Research Information System (CRIS) (Forschungsinformationssystem, FIS), called Vechta Research Online (VeRO). In cooperation with the University Library and the Computing Centre, the Department of Research, Junior Researchers and Transfer is implementing a comprehensive information structure that connects the research activities at the University of Vechta. The research results from all units and institutes of the University of Vechta are being documented, linked and accessible, which is useful for reporting by the university and increases the transparency of research achievements both internally and externally.

The University of Vechta is implementing its CRIS with the open source software DSpace-CRIS. The University Library has already set up two repositories based on DSpace. VOADo is the open-access repository where publications and research data are published and made freely accessible. The university bibliography is recorded on VSpace and serves as internal document collection. The CRIS will access the (meta) data stored there and supplement it with project data or research profiles, for example. With the DSpace-CRIS software, the University of Vechta offers a CRIS and repository solution in one system. For both DSpace and DSpace-CRIS, the source code is freely accessible. The system can thus be continuously and independently developed and expanded.

Coordination of and information on the CRIS:

Foto Dr Christine Gröneweg

Dr Christine Gröneweg

Research advisor (on parental leave)

Foto Lars Hoffmeier

Lars Hoffmeier

University archive, interim FIS replacement