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Innovative projects

Steps into the future....

One of the aims of trafo:agrar is to bring together stakeholders from science, business, the public, politics and administration in order to identify pressing challenges and develop options for action. The aim is always to facilitate a solution-oriented dialog. Within this framework, the network of trafo:agrar opens up opportunities for both focused, classical research and practical, applied research. The manifold topics are coordinated within the network and reflect urgent challenges for the agrarian intensive region.

Bringing ideas into practice...

trafo:agrar brings together the knowledge of all players and uses it to develop exciting projects from the idea to the application and beyond. It also helps to make the project results usable in practice. After all, good ideas can only develop their potential if they are put into practice.

But educational projects also play a role at trafo:agrar. Projects on lifelong learning, cross-organizational training and the qualification of specialists are on the agenda.

As a general rule, trafo:agrar is always open to ideas, suggestions and project inquiries. Every joint project is a small step into the future.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.