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Consultative actors in the Center of Sustainability Transformation in Areas of Intensive Agriculture

The following institutions from nature conservation and politics are represented on the network's advisory board. They provide important advice and impetus for sustainability and innovation:

WWF Germany

WWF is the largest and most influential environmental organization in Germany. Our national and international projects help to achieve our goals and prove that conservation and responsible use of natural resources are compatible with sustainable economic development.

Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture

Knowledge and technology transfer is a statutory task of Lower Saxony's universities. Industry and science benefit from this in equal measure: Scientists can take current issues from industry into account in their teaching and research and obtain additional research funding through projects. Companies can reduce their own research and development costs through their contacts with the scientific community and use the results exclusively through research contracts. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture provides support in this regard.


Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Modern agriculture is caught between the pressure to change and tradition. Agricultural policy is challenged by this tension. Particularly against the backdrop of globalization, it is essential to ensure sustainable development in agriculture and food. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection provides important impetus in this regard.