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The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Georg August Universität of Göttingen is one of the leading agricultural research institutions in Germany. Global agricultural systems in the area of tension between intensification, sustainability and social acceptance are the subject and task of its work.

Research activities in natural and life sciences, social sciences, economics and engineering as well as their system-oriented networking characterize the faculty. Important questions of world nutrition, resource efficiency, biodiversity and thus sustainable development are thus competently addressed. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences thus contributes significantly to the university's research focus on "Sustainable Resource Use".

The research activities relate to food, raw material and energy production at the farm level, including upstream and downstream areas of the value chain. With its research projects, the faculty maps the tension between the requirements of food security for a growing world population on the one hand and sustainability criteria such as resource, environmental and animal protection as well as the question of social acceptance of agricultural practices on the other.

The faculty cooperates to a high degree with interdisciplinary research networks of tropical-oriented, international agricultural research and is one of the institutions with the highest third party funding at the Georg August Universität of Göttingen. These orientations shape the entire teaching program as well as the structures of the faculty.