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The Transformation Research Network agrar Lower Saxony (trafo:agrar) in Vechta sees itself as a point of contact for all those who want to put ideas for a sustainable and future-oriented agricultural and food industry into practice.

As a team, we are active in a region rich in tradition and characterized by an intensive agricultural and food industry. Together with our network partners, we are proactively committed to the sustainable development of intensive agricultural regions in the northwest, Lower Saxony and Europe - based on the normative framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - in an effort to use economic, ecological and social barriers and challenges as opportunities and perspectives.

We network stakeholders from science, business, the population, politics and administration in order to identify the pressing challenges and develop options for action. In doing so, we always aim to facilitate a solution-oriented dialog.

As a team, we create a space/framework for both focused, traditional research and practice-oriented applied research. By involving various stakeholder groups from the outset, we increase acceptance for sustainable developments.

However, we also contribute to making the results of transformation research usable in practice (knowledge transfer). We coordinate offers for lifelong learning, transinstitutional further education and training.

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