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Oldenburger Münsterland represents the entire value chain of the agricultural and food industry - including the upstream and downstream segments. This constellation, which is unique in Germany, already creates the basis for the sustainable development and future viability of the region and the entire industry. Together with the commitment of its approximately 100 member companies, the AEF has established itself as a successful institutional economic force in the Oldenburg Münsterland region and thus as the spokesperson for the local agricultural and food industry. It is integrated into a strong network of institutions and players in politics, administration, science and business. Chairman of the AEF is Uwe Bartels, former Minister of Agriculture of Lower Saxony.

The AEF is the political mouthpiece of its member companies and continuously exchanges views with political representatives at state and federal level, organizes parliamentary evenings and develops position papers and agricultural policy statements on the challenges facing the industry. The challenges are openly named and pro-actively addressed with partners and member companies within own projects or in the form of participation in projects. The AEF also aims to strengthen and further develop the competitiveness of the industry through preventive communication and by improving the acceptance of modern livestock farming and its value chain.