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International Office
The International Office coordinates the international activities of the University of Vechta.

Mentoring programmes for Bachelor’s and Master’s students and students in the adaptation period


The International Office offers various mentoring and tutoring programmes for international students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and in the adaptation period for international teachers.


Student guides, individual mentors, exam tutors ... You’re not sure which programme is right for you?


Student guides

The student guides provide orientation and support for international first-semester students. They supervise the international first-semester students of a degree programme and are themselves advanced students of that degree programme.

In the summer semester 2021, the programme is expected to be offered for the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor Social Work
  • Adaptation period for international teachers

At the beginning of the semester, students are invited to an initial meeting with the student guide of their degree programme. Afterwards, the student guides are available as initial contact persons to answer any questions about studying.

Individual mentors

There is no student guide for your degree programme? Or you would like more individual support from a mentor?

For international students in the first semester and students in the adaptation period, the International Office can help finding an individual volunteer student mentors from the respective academic subject.

If you register for the programme, you should be interested in and have time to meet regularly (about once a week) for one semester. Mentoring focuses on support during the lecture period. It may include, for example:

  • Support in the preparation and revision of courses
  • Support with questions concerning everyday student life
  • Support with questions regarding the organisation of studies, types of assessment, etc.

The registration form for the mentoring programme (for mentees and mentors) can be found here.

All participants are of course invited to take part in the activities of the International Office.

Please note: We will try to find a mentor for every interested person, but cannot guarantee a successful search.

Notes for mentors:

Mentors can of course always contact the International Office team (see contact). Previous knowledge is not required.

Participation as a mentor in this programme is not paid. However, your commitment can be transferred as credit to the Certificate of Intercultural Competence. In addition, we can certify active participation in our mentoring programme as social or international commitment.

Exam tutors (individual or in small groups)

You would like support in studying for an exam or in writing a term paper or written assignment?

The International Office offers an exam tutoring programme in cooperation with the Church on Campus.

In this programme, international students (not only in the first semester) and students in the adaptation period for international teachers can receive support for exam preparation (for an exam, written assignment or homework) from a student tutor (max. 10 hours per student).

You can either register individually to receive individual support, or you can register together with fellow students (i.e., in a small group) to jointly be supported by a tutor. (If you would like to register as a small group, please each submit a registration form.)

You can find the registration form here.

Please send the completed registration form to Lea Sophie Schmidt ( Ms Schmidt will then invite you to a consultation appointment to discuss what type of support you would like in detail and how you would like to participate in the programme.

Deadlines (summer semester 2021):
- 1 June 2021 for exam preparation (exam phase in mid-July)
- 1 August 2021 for support with term papers (with a deadline on 15 September)
- for other types of examination or examination dates: at least 6 weeks before the examination date or the deadline
- Note: Please register as early as possible. This increases the chances of finding a tutor.

Please note: We will try to find a mentor for every interested person, but cannot guarantee a successful search. In the winter semester 2020/21, funds are available for a maximum of 20 participants.

Notes for tutors:

The work in this programme is paid on a fee basis (corresponding to the hourly rate of a student assistant). If you can imagine to work in this programme, please contact us (indicating your degree programme).

We will then add you to our tutors mailing list and inform you when we are specifically looking for support for a student. You can then decide whether you would like to take over the supervision as a tutor.






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