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Graduate Centre

Members of the Graduate Centre

Members of the Graduate Centre are:

  • academic staff members of the University of Vechta, who are entitled to supervise doctoral candidates and appointed as examiners
  • doctoral candidates of the University of Vechta
  • habilitation candidates of the University of Vechta
  • academic or artistic staff of the University of Vechta
  • teaching staff for specific tasks
  • employees of the Graduate Centre

Members of the Graduate Centre can take part in developing, participating in and evaluating the offers. Participation in offers is voluntary.

                                               We welcome your suggestions and comments, which can be made at any time!


Interested parties which may apply for a membership are:

  • Master’s students of the University of Vechta
  • postdoctoral researchers of the University of Vechta
  • research and higher education managers of the University of Vechta

The membership can be terminated at any time by sending an informal email. Resumption of membership is possible for the following semester.

Visiting scholars at the University of Vechta are temporary members of the Graduate Centre during their stay. When communicating with the Graduate Centre (e.g., when registering for offers), visiting scholars should point out their visiting scholar status and inform the Graduate Centre for what period of time they will be at the University of Vechta.

General assembly

The general assembly consists of the members of the Graduate Centre and is convened by the Executive Committee at least once a year.

The general assembly receives the annual report of the Executive Committee.

Members have the opportunity to inform themselves comprehensively about the Graduate Center's past and future activities and participate in the general assembly.

Annual reports


Equal opportunities and diversity are cross-cutting issues at the University of Vechta, which are relevant in all areas. The Central Institution for Equality & Diversity (ZEGD) and its members deal with a whole range of topics around equality and diversity and act as a corresponding interface for the university. If you would like more information about ZEGD issues or are looking for advice and support, you are welcome to contact the ZEGD. You will be directed to the website by clicking on the picture.

Please note that email correspondence only works with the members' university email addresses. Please check your inbox from time to time, as we cannot take your private email addresses into account when announcing offers, etc.!