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Graduate Centre

Qualification, advice and networking offers

Bedarfsorientiert und überfachlich

Demand-oriented and interdisciplinary

A central service of the Graduate Centre is the development of demand-oriented, interdisciplinary qualification, advice, and networking offers.

Members of the Graduate Centre have the opportunity to:

  • take part in developing offers (as, e.g., a instructor)
  • participate in offers
  • evaluate offers

Participation in the offers is voluntary. Suggestions and comments can be made at any time. Therefore, we are happy to support our members in making their offers to junior researchers and academic staff in the Graduate Centre and advertise them through our communication channels.

                                                                                                                                                       Feel free to contact us!


In case the further training and continuing education courses are not fully booked, the Graduate Centre allocates remaining slots to non-members, such as technical and administrative staff, apprentices and students. Please write us an email if you would like to participate in a workshop but are not a member of the Graduate Centre. Master’s students may also become members to be able to attend further training or continuing education courses. Please follow the link to be forwarded to the Download page so to be able to apply for membership.

Current offers

Below is a list of courses that should serve as an example for classifying competences that are promoted by the Graduate Centre (illustrated on the "About us" page). This list is intended to serve as a guide to understand how the “Events” page is organised concerning the further training and continuing education courses offered. If you are interested in a course, please email the Graduate Centre to register for the course.

A further training course in 2021 on (in German): "Current topics in research in early childhood education,PDF, 333KB


To view past courses with the categorisation according to cross-cutting issues, feel free to download this document, Excel, 21 KB (in German).

                   We would also appreciate feedback, for example, if you would like one of the past courses to take place again!



Other offers from other institutions

  • The Human Resource Development team of the University of Vechta organises further training programmes for university employees (please log in to the intranet first and then click on the link to the page “Interne Fort- und Weiterbildung” (internal further training and staff development).