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Commission for Research and Promotion of Young Researchers (KFN)


The Commission for Research and the Promotion of Young Researchers (KFN) is a permanent central commission formed by the Senate to prepare its decisions and to support and advise on the tasks of the Presidium on matters relating to research and the promotion of young researchers.



Funds are approved by the KFN

  • for the start-up financing of projects for the acquisition of third-party funds,
  • for smaller research projects,
  • to subsidize conferences and research-related lecture series,
  • for the stay of visiting researchers
  • as well as for the promotion of young scientists in the form of doctoral and habilitation scholarships and final funding

All full-time researchers at the University of Vechta in all subjects and institutes are eligible to apply.

In principle, applications must be submitted via the official channels (i.e. via the heads of the institutes or subjects) in good time - eight days before the respective KFN meeting date!

Late applications are usually not dealt with until the following session.

Submission takes place exclusively via the Research Development and Knowledge Transfer Unit (P.O. Box 9, Mr. Hohmann) or by e-mail.

The next meeting dates are on the following dates:

  • 06.07.2022
  • 16.11.2022
  • 18.01.2023


The Commission for Research and promotion of young researchers (KFN) is a commission of the Senate and is re-elected by the Senate every two years (annually in the group of members of the students). It consists of 7 members from the following status groups:

  • University teachers (4)
  • Research Associates (1)
  • Employees from technology and administration - MTV (1)
  • Students (1)

It is chaired by the Vice-President for Research and the Promotion of Young Researchers.

The current composition is as follows:

Group of university lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Norbert Lennartz
Prof. Dr. Bodo Damm
Prof. Dr. Markus Böggemann
Prof. Dr. Yvette Völschow

Group of research assistants:

Stella März

Group of employees in the technical and administrative service:

Gerold Memmen

Group of students:

Carolin Block

For enrolled doctoral candidates of the University of Vechta, it is possible to informally apply for travel grants for active participation in scientific conferences and congresses at the Graduate Center (GZ) of the University of Vechta.

A subsidy is subject to the following conditions:

a) The condition is an active participation (e.g. through lecture, poster presentation, moderation or comments on lectures) of the applicant within the framework of the knowledge to be visited by him. Event (e.g. conference, congress, method workshop, but not doctoral colloquia).

b) Doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Vechta with supervision agreements and postdocs who are members of the University of Vechta as well as Master's students of the University of Vechta who present their master's thesis or research project, for example, are eligible to apply.

(c) If the conditions set out in(a) are met, a travel allowance of a maximum of EUR 200 or up to 50 % of the total costs shall be supported at national level, and at international level a travel allowance of a maximum of EUR 400 or up to 50 % of the total costs.

Applications for travel grants must be submitted to the Graduate Center (GZ). A proof of active participation (e.g. conference program, invitation to lecture/poster, etc.) as well as a cost forecast (travel and accommodation costs, possibly participation fees and daily allowance) and, if necessary, the declaration of a cost center holder to assume the remaining costs must be attached. After completion of the trip, a travel expense invoice must be issued (or costs incurred by the subject must be rebooked on a pro rata basis).