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Central Study Commission (ZSK)


The Central Study Commission (ZSK) is set up to advise on cross-faculty matters in study and teaching.



The university forms Permanent Commissions for Teaching and Study (Study Commissions), whose voting members are at least half students. At the University of Vechta, the Central Study Commission (ZSK) is responsible for advising on cross-faculty matters.

The ZSK is to be heard before decisions of the Senate in all matters of teaching, study and examinations. The Senate must appreciate their recommendations and document its opinion. In addition, individual decisions can be transferred to the Central Study Commission.

The Central Study Commission decides on module descriptions of the profiling area and overarching modules of the Bachelor Combined Studies and Master of Education. In addition, it recommends to the Senate study regulations, examination regulations for the Bachelor Combined Studies and Master of Education sub-programme as well as the framework examination regulations, aptitude test regulations, admission and admission regulations, etc.

However, other cross-faculty and teaching-related matters as well as new impulses are also discussed and decided on in the ZSK. For example, this committee decides on tendering and awarding of teaching prizes.


The central study commission consists of 12 members of all status groups, with the students having half of all votes.

It is chaired by the Vice-President for Teaching and Studies. The current composition is as follows:

Group of professors: Julia Hahmann
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schank
Prof. Dr. Kai Koch

Group of research assistants:

Ines Hartmann
Detlev Lindau-Bank

Group of employees in the technical and administrative service:

Dr. Christian Meyer

Group of students:

Lisa Wollering
Laura Pinto Fernandes
Florian Wilken
Carolin Block
Adelheid Böckmann
Tamara Griasskin


Carolin Block - Student Member of the ZSK

"My name is Caro and I have been active in various committees of the university since 2018. It is very important to me to support students and to stand up for them. Among other things, I would like to improve communication between the university and its students and, above all, create more transparency, e.g. what happens to the semester fees when we mainly have digital semesters. My concern is to always get an answer to students' questions."