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Ethics Committee of the University of Vechta


On request, the Ethics Committee of the University of Vechta examines, advises and evaluates ethical aspects of research and experimental projects at the University of Vechta. Applications can be submitted by all members of the University of Vechta.


Content requirements

The best way to review applications is when all survey tools have been completed. Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Cover letter with designation of contact persons of the project
  • Description of the research project
    • Questions, hypotheses
    • Survey methods (methodology and chronological sequence of empirical surveys)
    • Design/description of the survey instruments (e.g. questionnaires, interview guides, instructions for study participants)
    • Presentation of possible complications/risks, a benefit-risk assessment as well as discontinuation criteria for the study
    • Presentation of possible conflicts of interest
    • Information letter and declaration of consent for the study participants

An examination and assessment does not release the applicants from their ethical responsibility for the project. The decisions have only a recommendatory character. In addition, we recommend advice from the research data management department of the University of Vechta.


An application is possible at any time. In the summer semester 2022, regular meetings will take place on the following dates.

  • 08 July 2022
  • 11 November 2022

If necessary, additional dates can also be set.

Please submit your application digitally to the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf, Faculty I - Management of Social Services, University of Vechta, at least one week before the relevant meeting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the members of the Commission.

Basics of the exam

The Ethics Committee works on the basis of applicable law and the relevant professional rules, including the scientific standards and recommendations of the German Research Foundation as well as the guidelines and principles of good scientific practice of the University of Vechta. Also essential are the legal provisions on data protection and the comments on the practice of social science surveys and data processing in Germany of the Council for Social and Economic Data, the ethical guidelines of the Declaration of Helsinki in the currently valid version as well as those of the German Psychological Society, the Professional Association of German Psychologists e.V. and the Society for Experimental Economic Research e.V. as well as the Code of Ethics of the German Sociological Society (DGS) and the Professional Association of German Sociologists (BDS).


The current composition is as follows:

Group of professors:

Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf (Vorsitzender) Ulrike Knobloch (Stellvertretung)
Jun.-Prof. Christopher Osterhaus
Prof. Dr. June H. Park

Group of academic staff:

Sophie Große

Group of employees in the technical and administrative service:

Attila Karakuş
Dr. Sebastian Keßler (Stellvertreter)

Group of students:

Jette Funk