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Family-friendly university

The Coordination Centre Family-Friendly University at the University of Vechta is a central contact point for initial advice and mediation for families. This service office advises, informs and supports students, employees, lecturers and leadership staff at the University of Vechta and the institution itself in order to jointly organise study, examination, qualification and working conditions in a family-friendly way and to systematically integrate the compatibility of family responsibilities, studies and work in the organisation and culture of the university. The confidential and resource-oriented advice offered by the Coordination Centre Family-Friendly University covers the following topics:

  • Pregnancy, maternity leave, parental leave and the subsequent return to work
  • Family-friendly and life-phase-oriented study and work organisation
  • Childcare and care of relatives
  • Family-conscious leadership

We would like to encourage you to get in touch with us at an early stage and make use of the personal advisory, information and support services that we offer for you and your family.

On the pages below, you can find details about the University of Vechta as a family-friendly university, its offers of information, advice, childcare, networking and places on campus that are especially family-friendly. You can receive plenty of information on how to balance vocational training, studies, academic qualification processes and/or work and family responsibilities.


Here, you will find basic information on the university’s family-friendliness.

Work and family

Here, you will find useful information for balancing family and work when working at a university.

Studying and family

Here, you will find everything you need to know about studying when you have children or caring responsibilities.


Here, you can get an overview of the childcare options that we provide and that are offered in the region.

Family life on campus

Here, you will find information on the family-friendly infrastructure of the university.

Family, work, studying and the coronavirus pandemic

We have compiled advice and information in order to support parents and carers during the pandemic.

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