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Task force “Sustainable University” at the University of Vechta

The task force “Sustainable University” was established in 2015 in order to organise the processes of sustainable development at the University of Vechta in a structured manner and to involve interested persons. The task force can be seen as a driving force for sustainable development at the University of Vechta. It is deliberately organised as an open and cross-status working group with the aim of creating a participatory work culture in which both employees and students can contribute their ideas and suggestions.

In April and June 2015, workshops on the topic of “sustainable university” were held at the University of Vechta for the first time. On this basis, the task force “Sustainable University” as well as topic-specific working groups (e.g., “Sustainability and teaching”) were founded. In July 2015, Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann was appointed Sustainability Officer of the University of Vechta. Together with his colleague Larissa Jaeger, Mr. Rieckmann coordinates the work of the task force “Sustainable University” and the sustainability process of the university.

If you have any questions or comments about the task force “Sustainable University”, please contact larissa.jaeger[at]uni-vechta[dot]de.

NameArea of work/study

Mara Bauer

Sustainable University

Dr. Gabriele Diersen

Centre of Excellence for Local Learning

Susanne DonnerbauerCoordination Office Work-Study-Life-Balance

Katharina Genn-Blümlein

Marketing and Public Relations

Dr. Barbara GrabkowskyResearch Development and Knowledge Transfer

Robert Lachner

Pedagogical Psychology

Detlev Lindau-BankSocial Work

Dr. Daniel Ludwig

Research Management and Transfer

Prof. Dr. Christine Meyer

Social Work

Dr. Christian MeyerResearch Development and Knowledge Transfer

Dr. Tanja Meyer

Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann

Education Studies, Sustainability Officer

Eva RuhollPedagogical Psychology

Prof. Dr. Nick Lin-Hi

Business and Ethics

Dr. Karin Siebertz-ReckzehPedagogical Psychology

Sarah Wardin

Marketing and Public Relations

Monika SchürmannCentral Purchasing

Prof. Dr. Martin Schweer

Pedagogical Psychology

Jasmin KlockeHuman Resource Development
Dr. Veronika ZimmerEducation Studies
Lukas ScherakEducation Studies
Larissa JaegerSustainable University / Education Studies
Prof. Dr. Christoph SchankBusiness and Ethics

Working group “Sustainable nutrition”

In 2012 already, a working group was founded at the University of Vechta in the field of sustainable nutrition with members from various degree programmes, subjects and status groups. It is the precursor of the current task force “Sustainable University”. The aim of the working group was to raise awareness of sustainable nutrition within and outside the university. An open lecture series was held in the summer semester of 2013, and in spring 2015, the edited volume “Nachhaltige Ernährung lernen in verschiedenen Ernährungssituationen” (learning sustainable nutrition in various nutritional situations) was published by the Julius Klinkhardt Verlag (for information on the edited volume, click here). With its goals and members, the working group has been integrated in the task force "Sustainable University".