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BERGVINK – Education, Upbringing, Society: Vechta-Institute for Inclusion


Foto Prof. Dr. Britta Baumert

Prof. Dr. Britta Baumert

Substitution of the Professorship for Practical Theology and Religious Education

Foto Prof. Dr. Melanie Kubandt

Prof. Dr. Melanie Kubandt

University of Osnabrück - Didactics of Social Pedagogy

Foto Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Vierbuchen

Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Vierbuchen

University of Flensburg - Department of Special Education for Learning

Foto Melanie Schaller

Melanie Schaller

Educational Science

PhD student,
Research project: on the effectiveness of instructional materials in simple language in biology classes.
Foto Lea Schröder

Lea Schröder

University of Bremen


Become a member

We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of BERGVINK!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please send your informal application to the director of BERGVINK. Please briefly describe your motivation for becoming a member of BERGVINK as well as your research interest. The institute council will then decide on the admission. The membership in BERGVINK is free of charge. Contributors from external scientific institutions can be accepted as associate members.

Of course you can terminate your membership at any time.