Caring Societies 2020

New dependencies or more equity?


Interdisciplinary conference


Time and place:

September 15 - 17, 2021

University of Vechta



The conference 'Caring Societies - New dependencies or more equity' will focus on the current care crisis and its entanglement with other crises of economic, ecological and social domains. A critical examination will be followed by attempts to gather ideas to develop alternative modes of caring provisioning

Different aspects of the care crisis will be analyzed and discussed. Chief among them are inequalities that are being reproduced along intersectional dimensions:

  • What roles do state, market, non-profit sector, the civil society and households/families play in conjunction with respective shifts, such as (de-)monetization, (de-)familialization and (de-)commodification?
  • How can caring provisioning in those sectors be delevoped further? Who needs to change what and where in order to provide sustainable care arrangements?
  • Considering the social-ecological crisis, in what way do we need to think beyond this sector approach, for example, by taking a closer look at commons and time-based currencies?

The above-mentioned aspects are related to the fundamental question of how caring societies are supposed to be organized and  how the distinct sectors and actors should be involved in order to avoid the development of negative dependencies, while new paths into a more (gender-) equitable future can be openend up. The perspective of a just structure of care includes carers and the ones who are being cared for, as well as issues of ecological sustainability.

The conference is targeted towards scientists and students with an interest in the topics presented, as well as care networkers, experts of welfare organizations (e.g. Caritas, Malteser), national, regional, and local politicians, and others.

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