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Ideas for the future start here: issues pertaining to the future of society are key areas of academic discourse at the University of Vechta. Combined under the framework "transformation processes" are the areas rural setting, education, gender studies, aging and social work, cultural studies - cultural change and trust research.

Presidential Board

The University of Vechta is managed by a Presidential Board. The Presidential Board is made up of the President, the full-time Vice-President for Human Resources and Finance, the additional Vice-President for Teaching and Academic Programmes the and the additional Vice-President for Research and Young Researchers. The members of the Presidential Board are proposed by the Senate, approved by the Board of Trustees and appointed by Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture.


Organisationally, the University of Vechta is divided into Academic and Service Divisions.
The Academic Division is made up of three departments. Each of the various subjects and subject-like specialties belongs to one of these departments. The University’s research activities are carried out at independent institutions and centres.
The Service Division encompasses the Chancellor’s Office and the Estates and Infrastructure, Teaching and Degree Courses, and Research departments. These are complemented by division-wide Equality and Health and Safety Offices.