As part of its commitment to support young scholars, the University of Vechta announces a call for papers for a workshop, taking place from June 11-15 2018, imbedded in the international week of the university. Outstanding national and international candidates are invited to apply for a scholarship. Up to 25 scholarships will be awarded.

Current Crisis of Democracy – An International Comparison
For several years already and in many different countries, presidential and parliamentary democracies have come under severe pressure. While the motives vary in different contexts, the current crises are basically characterized by autocratic and populist trends as well as a loss of confidence in political institutions. Using the example of different crisis scenarios in a number of different countries, the international workshop "Current Crisis of Democracy – An International Comparison" will pose the question whether these crises are a fundamental and substantial threat for a democracy or rather a temporary phenomenon, the overcoming of which could, in medium term, even contribute to a strengthening of the democratic system. Comparative explorations of different national crises may likewise bring to light whether, despite the differences, common international strategies to cope with the respective crisis are to be expected or stronger participatory forms of democracy at regional and local levels. A further question pertains the issue of current post-democratic tendencies and whether they will prevail.
The official language is English.  A publication of the contributions is intended.  


Politics, sociology and social sciences, history, cultural studies, philosophy and related fields
11 -15 June 2018
Target group

Participation is open to young scholars, especially PhD students and post-docs from the relevant disciplines.

The scholarship covers travel expenses and accommodation.
Application documents

In addition to the usual documents (motivation letter, CV), applicants must provide a synopsis of their PhD-theme or research project. This paper should not exceed 8,000 characters (two pages).
Selection Process and Criteria
Proposals will be considered by a board headed  by the president of the University of Vechta and will take into account the following criteria:

  • Scholarly qualification of the applicants
  • Theme and relevance of the research topic
  • Existing international research in the field
  • Previous publications

Please send your application by email to Dr. Natalia Petrillo (natalia.petrillo[at]uni-vechta[dot]de).

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