Archive of the published contributions of the suspended "Social Work & Society News Magazine" (SocMag):


November 2015

Initiates file downloadDiversity and the Search for International Common Grounds in Social Work Education - Joachim Wieler

June 2015

Initiates file download08. May 1945 – 2015. The Nazi genocide and some remarks on the role of social work in Germany - Hans-Uwe Otto

May 2015

Initiates file downloadEditorial - Nadia Kutscher

Initiates file downloadSocial work in refugee centres in Poland - Magdalena Prusinowska

Initiates file downloadTransforming Societies – A Challenge for Social Work in Europe. Reflections of the PhD-Pre Conference debate - Anna Lena Rademaker, Holly L. Gordon, Júlia Wéber, Bernd Christmann, Gorana Panic, Maija Mänttäri-van der Kuip

Initiates file downloadDoctors Without Borders provides support to people on the move - Meike Schwarz

Initiates file downloadSocial Work as ‘Political Economy’ - Kyösti Urponen

Initiates file downloadUndermining of human rights of refugees in Germany at present - Aische Westermann

August 2014

Initiates file downloadSocial Work and Social Policy - Mark Humme

Initiates file downloadA short overview of the development and professionalization of Social Work in Romania - Béla Szabó

Initiates file downloadSocial work in China – Historical development and current challenges for professionalization - Yafang Wang

November 2012

Initiates file downloadEuropeanising the Social Professions – Networking in practice and education - Günter J. Friesenhahn, Friedrich W. Seibel, Anette Kniephoff-Knebel

Initiates file downloadLike a fish without a bicycle? We need a science of social work! – Report from an invitational conference on the subject of “Shaping a Science of Social Work” at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) in May 2011 - Hans-Jürgen Göppner

Initiates file downloadFamily Group Conferencing to preserve Families and prevent Child Institutionalization - Karen Smith Rotabi

September 2011

Initiates file downloadPrimary Health Centers in the Backward Regions of India: An Exclusive Study of PHC, Mura, Dist-Sambalpur, Orissa, India - Jajadev Kar

June 2011

Initiates file downloadChild trafficking in Vienna – Repatriation of affected Romani children into their country of origin, Romania, as a lasting solution? - Astrid Bliem

Initiates file downloadAdaptation of Knowledge and Management in Social Welfare in Hungary - Andrea Riez

Initiates file downloadThe Morals of Responsibility, Social Justice and Social Security of the Person - Tatiana Shipunova

Initiates file downloadHuman Rights and Social Work – Dialogue between East Asia and West - Silvia Staub-Bernasconi

June 2010

Initiates file downloadGruppo Dottorandi Assistenti Sociali (GDAS): the network of Italian PhD students in Social Work - Urban Nothdurfter

Initiates file downloadFrom Guatemala to Ethiopia: Shifts in Intercountry Adoption Leaves Ethiopia Vulnerable for Child Sales and Other Unethical Practices - Karen Smith Rotabi

Initiates file downloadHow to apply the Capability Approach for Individuals with Discontinuous Life Courses? - Klaus Schneider

Initiates file downloadCollaboration project between assistance service for families with children and centre of educational care in Decin (Czech Republic) - Martina Volfova

February 2010

Initiates file downloadHaitian “Orphans”: A US Social Worker’s Caution and Recommendations for Policy - Karen Smith Rotabi

December 2009

Initiates file downloadSocial support of People with Handicaps in Russia: Problems and Perspectives - Olga I. Borodkina, Yulia S. Victorova

Initiates file downloadPerspectives on social Welfare: The Italian case - Carmela Davì

Initiates file downloadUnaccompanied Minors Seeking Asylum in Finland - Heli Niemi

Initiates file downloadTowards a relational transgression of the tensions between social work and social policy? - Jesper Stage Petersen, Niels Rosendal Jensen

Initiates file downloadSocial Control of Deviant Behavior in the Context of Rights and Freedoms of Man - Tatjana Shipunova

August 2009

Initiates file downloadThe Right to the City and the Participative Director Plan of Florianópolis: thoughts on training for the exercise in participative democracy - Iliane Kohler, Priscila Larratea Goyeneche, Vera Herweg Westphal

Initiates file downloadYouth under pressure – a pedagogical perspective on Juvenile violence and Ordnungspolitik - Christian Reutliner

Initiates file downloadWhat occupational future are we preparing youth for? The coping with discontinuous employment biographies - Klaus Schneider

Initiates file downloadGuatemala City: Hunger Protests Amid Allegations of Child Kidnapping and Adoption Fraud - Karen Smith Rotabi

Initiates file downloadSearching Roots - Marie Špiláčková

Initiates file downloadCommission proposes a European year 2011 of volunteering - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadKey figures on education in Europe published - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadEurochild invites for annual conference on monitoring child well-being - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadPromoting learning of mobility for all young people - Ulrike Wisser

March 2009

Initiates file downloadSocial Pedagogy in Britain – further developments - Gabriel Eichsteller

Initiates file downloadPoverty, social exclusion and delinquency: Criminological reflections on the Italian context - Luigi Leone

Initiates file downloadHistoire du travail des enfants au Luxembourg - Klaus Schneider

Initiates file downloadContradictions in the theory and practice of Russian preventive social work – prevention of deviating social phenomena - Tatjana Shipunova

November 2008

Initiates file downloadReport on the International Conference “Preventive Social Work in Russia and Europe” - Olga Borodkina, Anna Smirnova, Yulia Victorova

Initiates file downloadThe Development of Innovative Media Education in China - Li Degang, Zhang Lili

Initiates file downloadBetween paternalism and indifference - Niels Rosendahl Jensen

Initiates file downloadWorking with socially endangered children in Danish day-care institutions - Kirsten Elisa Petersen

Initiates file downloadIntercountry Adoption Reform Based on the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: An Update on Guatemala in 2008 - Karen Smith Rotabi, Kelley Bunkers

Initiates file downloadOn the construction and diagnostics of social competence - Klaus Schneider

Initiates file downloadSurvivors of the killing: child soldiers as refugees in Germany - Dima Zito

March 2008

Initiates file downloadSoziale Arbeit für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung in Kuba/Social Work for sustainable development in Cuba - Ania Bustio Ramos

Initiates file downloadSocial policy in Australia - Greg Marston

Initiates file downloadDenmark – a good life for all? - Niels Rosendahl Jensen, Ditte Sørensen

Initiates file downloadPreventive work with children and families in Finland and Russia: needs and challenges - Valentina Samoylova, Olga Borodkina, Anna Smirnova, Yulia Victorova

Initiates file downloadA Foster Family as an Educational Institution: the case of an EU new-comer country - Vilma Staskevičienė

Initiates file downloadReport on child poverty recommends the development of multidimensional child wellbeing - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadTransnational exchange projects are getting started - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadWhat are the main future challenges for youth policy in the EU? - Ulrike Wisser

November 2007

Initiates file downloadLost Opportunity - Greg Marston

Initiates file downloadSocial Economy and the Transformation of Society – Latest Developments in Germany and Europe - Susanne Elsen

Initiates file downloadCommunity Social Capital and School Education Reform in China - Bing Sheng

Initiates file downloadProfessionalization and Higher Education in Social Work in Italy - Annamaria Campanini

Initiates file downloadQuo Vadis? or: Is standstill really not more than it suggests? - Peter Herrmann

Initiates file downloadFlying while Muslim: An Exploratory Study of Muslim Communities in Northern New Jersey Post 9/11 - Mary Kay Jou

Initiates file downloadThe daily odyssey of migrants in the Sicily Channel - Luigi Leone

Initiates file downloadPrevailing problems and how social work contributes to social injustice - Leon

Initiates file downloadRussian Immigrants in Finnish Society - Heli Niemi

Initiates file downloadLes victimes de l’émigration – The victims of emigration - Elizabetta Pennetti

Initiates file downloadSelling your Soul to the Devil? - David Philpott

Initiates file downloadHelena Radlińska – a prominent ancestor in European Social Work - Friedrich W. Seibel

Initiates file downloadCommission takes action to better involve young people in society - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadGovernment Responsibility in the Education Reform and Development in China - Lin Zhou, Chen Chen

July 2007

Initiates file downloadHIV/AIDS as a social problem: Russian perspectives - O.I. Borodkina

Initiates file downloadA Social Report Card from Australia - Greg Marston

Initiates file downloadYouth Ministers ask for Europe-wide survey on Youth - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadBill 171: Triumph or Illusion? Recognition of social workers as psychotherapists - Lesley Cooper, Richard Freeland

Initiates file downloadThe Lack of a Youth Law in Brazil and its social consequences - Rogerio de Moura

Initiates file downloadRehabilitation – expensive? worth while? maybe even profitable? - Torben Bo Hansen

Initiates file downloadEuropean Service Debate – Forcing to Define Quality - Peter Herrmann

Initiates file downloadAdoption of Guatemalan Children: Impending Changes Under the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption - Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond and Alexandra W. Morris

Initiates file downloadMore support for families might help increase birth and employment rates - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadComparative Social Work and Trafficking in Women - Brigitta Zierer

March 2007

Initiates file downloadEU seeks to get a clearer picture on social reality of today - Ulrike Wisser

Initiates file downloadFrom border case to core business - Ben Bierings

Initiates file downloadSocial Work in Poland: a helping profession in need - Willem M.J. Blok

Initiates file downloadThe Third Sector in Russia: Problems and Challenges - O.I. Borodkina, A.N. Smirnova

Initiates file downloadThe personal is political: health care in Canada - Lesley Cooper, Richard Freeland

Initiates file downloadResearch on the current state of the social work profession in Italy - Carla Facchini, Milano, Annamaria Campanini, Calabria, Walter Lorenz

Initiates file downloadGlobal double standards in Social Work – a Critical Review - Mel Gray, Stephen A. Webb

Initiates file downloadQuality Reform in Denmark - Niels Rosendal Jensen

Initiates file downloadSupport for Children from Beslan - Valery Mitrofanov

Initiates file downloadFirst European Module for structured PhDStudies in Social Work - Hans-Uwe Otto, Melanie Abeling

Initiates file downloadEuropean Youth Policy – Perspectives and Opportunities for Child and Youth Welfare - Jana Schröder

Initiates file downloadSocial work in Greece – history and present - Spyros Pantazis

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