Teacher Training

The University of Vechta is a central pillar for teacher training in Lower Saxony for primary and secondary schools (Grundschule, Realschule, Hauptschule)1 . The number of students in the academic subjects intended for teacher training and the other highly demanded subjects is to be increased. The topic “Transformation” – sustainability-oriented knowledge, sustainability competencies, lifelong learning – is integrated into the educational profile. An increased co-operation between the scientific disciplines/teaching and educational sciences on the one hand and school-related and out-of-school learning locations on the other hand is important for teacher training.

The Opens internal link in current windowZentrum für Lehrer*innenbildung (ZfLB) (Centre for Teacher Training), created in 2012, plays a central role in this. It is intended to cluster interdisciplinary tasks of teacher training and to support research-based further development of university didactics and skills orientation also in the future, for example, by means of learning through research. Since the teacher training concept “GHR-300” (Grundschule, Hauptschule, Realschule; 300 credit points) has been implemented, the university has been co-operating more closely with schools and teacher training seminars (Studienseminare), which has linked the different phases of teacher training and has created a sustainable base for a high practical and scientific relevance. This development is to be intensified. The Opens internal link in current windowKompetenzzentrum für Lehrer*innenfortbildung (Centre of Excellence for Continuing Teacher Training) at the University of Vechta, in co-operation with the Ludwig-Windthorst-Haus in Lingen and the Historisch-Ökologische Bildungsstätte (historical and ecological training centre) in Papenburg, offers classes for teachers that have already completed their training and work in the districts of Vechta, Cloppenburg, and Diepholz. In co-operation with the District of Vechta, the university is developing an innovative solution for continuing teacher training, including skills regarding media didactics and digitalisation.

1 Realschule: grades 5-10, intermediate level, possibility to proceed to the Gymnasium to achieve Abitur; Hauptschule: grades 5-9, slower teaching pace

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