Social Services

The Social Services comprise a broad spectrum of measures and institutions from the fields of general social aspects, social pedagogy, education, health, and nursing care. The focus of this key profile results from the different perspectives on the social aspect as a political construct of human coexistence. Related to the course of life, as well as specific issues that can be influenced by society, the degree programmes and research fields of the key profile deal with the different forms of expression and transformation processes on a social, demographic, economic, and organisational level.

Further professionalisation of these fields of action through research and high-quality and research-based education is to contribute to increasing social recognition of social occupations. This can be achieved by confronting social change, especially considering interrelations of the political framework, social discourse, and everyday life of the target groups, as well as with special characteristics of management in social facilities.

The academic subjects Opens internal link in current windowSocial Work, Opens internal link in current windowManagement of Social Services, Opens internal link in current windowGerontology, and the general field of Opens internal link in current windowBusiness and Ethics play a central role at the University of Vechta as a so-called „Große Gesellschaftliche Herausforderung“ (key challenge of society) connected to issues of health, demographic change, and welfare.

More than just Demographic Change - Gerontology

Research Institutes and Centers

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Social Work and Services Management