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Key Research Activities

With regard to research, the University of Vechta focuses on innovative and forward-looking key areas, giving it a distinct profile. The university is divided into three faculties. With around 60 professorships, 170 research assistants and almost 200 doctoral candidates, it is firmly established in the region as an important scientific centre.

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Research Establishments

Instead of being structured according to faculties, the key research activities at the University of Vechta are identified by "clusters" in which various disciplines from three faculties participate. By establishing multidisciplinary research centres and institutes, the University of Vechta has created structures that are conducive to research, ensuring the relevant disciplines and faculties are interlinked. The aim is to develop the key research activities into centres of excellence, able to compete on the national and international arena. With its key areas, the University will continue to compete to establish large, distinct research consortia.

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Research Information

Research Information is available in the annual Research Reports and in the Research Magazine VECtor.

Academic Qualifying

All universities are tasked with promoting up-and-coming scientists and artists. The University of Vechta is entitled to award PhD doctorates and habilitations in about 20 disciplines. It also offers attractive research conditions for young academics. The University of Vechta offers scholarships for PhD projects, financed by the University itself and by third parties. It promotes networking by establishing doctoral research groups and structured doctoral programmes.

Knowledge Transfer

An important task of every university is to put research results into practice in companies, schools, authorities and institutions. For this reason, promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology and encouraging university business start-ups is also a distinct task of the Transfer Office at the University of Vechta which is also part of the Research Development and Knowledge Transfer staff unit. It is a member of the Technology Transfer Offices of the Universities of Lower Saxony. The University runs the ScienceShop Vechta/Cloppenburg to support community based research and to close the gap between science and society.

Service and Contact

The Research Development and Knowledge Transfer Staff Unit offers Information about Research, Cooperations, Academic Qualifying, Admission for Doctorate and Transfer at University of Vechta.

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