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Devin Kwasniok studierte Gerontologie an der Universität Vechta. Dieses Studium schloss er 2018 erfolgreich ab, worauf ein konsekutives Masterstudium an ebendieser Universität folgte. Dieses Masterstudium im Bereich Management Sozialer Dienstleistungen schloß er im Sommersemester 2020 erfolgreich ab. Mit dem Studium einhergehend erfolgten Tätigkeiten als studentische Hilfskraft, überwiegend im Kontext empirischer Feldforschung. Seit Januar 2020 ist Herr Kwasniok als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im ActiVAtE-Projekt („Activity Tracking Data to Understand Volition, Attrition and Engagement towards Healthy Behaviors in Diabetic Patients and Controls”) tätig.

Zentrales Forschungsinteresse liegt hierbei im Bereich der Verhaltens- und Gesundheitsökonomik sowie der Anreizgestaltung.



The high importance of career-oriented motivations within the group of young volunteers and recent evidence that volunteering can improve employment opportunities, suggest that job references can motivate young adults to take up a social engagement, but not necessarily to carry it out regularly, with high intensity for a long period of time. We hypothesize that job references with information on individual engagement can motivate new volunteers to perform at a higher level compared to traditional references without individual performance information. In order to test this hypothesis, we implement both types of reference in a series of field experiments in which younger volunteers assist older citizens in completing tasks with their smartphone or tablet computer. The preliminarily results confirm that providing detailed performance information with the certificate increases the volume of individual volunteer work. The strength of this motivational effect varies depending on the underlying performance assessment mechanism (bonus system, single bet, repeated betting).



job references, virtual volunteering, nonmonetary incentives, habit formation, intergenerational cooperation, performance assessment mechanism



August 2020: ProDok: Meta-Analysis (digital course) with Prof. Dr. Martin Eisend
Februar 2020: Academic Writing in Vechta (Germany) with Prof. Dr. Oliver Fabel
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