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Flight, Displacement and Reception of Refugees in Greece after WWI 03.07.2018 bis 04.07.2018

Organisator/Veranstalter: PD Dr. Monika Albrecht  |  E-Mail: monika.albrecht@uni-vechta.de

At the end of the Greek-Turkish War (1919-1922), nearly 1.5 million refugees from the Balkan States and the Soviet Union, but in particular from Turkey were resettled to Greece. This so-called "Asia Minor Disaster" is a major event in recent Greek history, which has ultimately reshaped the country's national identity and continues to play an important role in current politics.

This international and interdisciplinary conference adresses the topics of flight and displacement and their representation and reflection in culture and public history. Historians, anthropologists and political scientists will present their research and discuss and explore recent theoretical approaches to these issues. The conference will focus on issues such as settlement of the refugees by state authorities, collaboration of international and voluntary organizations in the context of modern governmentality practices, and the construction of memory of Asia Minor and refugee identities in Greece.

Conference organization: PD Dr. Monika Albrecht and Dr. Yannis Papadopoulos

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