The main focus of the academic event will be the values in Europe: in 2017 there will be a fourfold anniversary for European integration. First of all, there is the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (1957) and the ratification of the Single European Act (EEA) in 1987. In addition, the " area of freedom, security and justice" act which has existed for a quarter of a century against the backdrop of the Maastricht Treaty (1992) and the Erasmus program, which since its implementation (1987) can already look back on a 20-year anniversary. This is enough to address the systematic question of where we currently stand in Europe in regards to the idea of ​​integrating national states in a supranational network, and how the citizens of the European Union are able to strengthen their political, social, economic and cultural existence with a view to an all sharing community or perhaps to a non-sharing one?

The anniversary celebration "30 years of Erasmus - 60 years of the Treaty of Rome" will therefore be combined into a two-day European conference at the University of Vechta, which will address the question as a guideline as to the extent to which value orientations represent a common basis for the European integration project, and in which areas they have been successful so far and where and why they could not develop any relevance to date. On the occasion of the anniversary’s outlined above, the conference is oriented both interdisciplinary and internationally, and in this respect follows a conceptual orientation towards cooperation with certain partner universities in the EU member states, which in recent years have been part of the Erasmus program for the University of Vechta in education and research.



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Thursday, October 19th - Auditorium (Aula)

from 13.00 h    Welcome and lunch buffet (Foyer)
ERASMUS-Student Poster Presentation

14.00 h    Welcome Address
Prof. Dr. Burghart Schmidt, President of University of Vechta

14.30 h    Exchange of Expertise from institutional Point of view (in German)
Dr. Stephan Venzke, Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture (MWK)
Dr. Hanns Sylvester, National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation
Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann, foreign officer at University of Vechta
Magnus Frampton,
foreign officer at University of Vechta
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Norbert Lennartz

15.30 Uhr    Award Ceremony DAAD Award (in German)

16.00 Uhr    Coffee and Tea break (Foyer)

16.30 Uhr    Erasmus-Testimonials (in English)
Video Messages from international Students and Scientists

Dr. Agostino Massa, University of Genua
Dr. George Mutalemwa, University of Tanzania
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth University Dr. Ekaterina Pokholkova, Lomonosov Moscow State University Dr. Carola Freiin von Villiez, University of Bergen
Erard Çurçija, University of Shkodra, „Luigj Gurakuqi“
Laura Heinz, former ERASMUS-Grantee of University of Vechta
Evi Befus, former ERASMUS-Trainee
of University of Vechta       
Dafina Zymeri, University of Prishtina, ERASMUS-Studentin

Präsentation von ERASMUS-Forschungsprojekten an der Universität Vechta    
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Norbert Lennartz

18.00 Uhr    Keynote „Deutschland das nächste Kapitel - Europa 2050: Die Zukunft europäischer Werte“ (in German)
Dr. Michael Spindelegger, General Direktor of the International Center for Migration Policy Development ICMPD, former Foreign Minister, Vice Chancellor and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Austria

afterwords Reception in Cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Registration required via E-Mail Opens window for sending emailinfo(at)uni-vechta(dot)de

from 19.00 h    Welcome Party with student initiative InterMento
        (Caféte in R-Building)

Friday, October 20th - Campus Church/Seminar Room 1st Floor

9.00 h         Keynote „Social work, precarity and the need for radical action: A European perspective“
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth University

10.00 h       Common Erasmus-Breakfast
Registration required via E-Mail Opens window for sending emaillars.hoffmeier(at)uni-vechta(dot)de until Oct. 15th.

10.45 h       Keynote „Social workers and ethnic minority service users“
Dr. Agostino Massa, Universität Genua

Friday, October 20th - Room Q 016 (All lectures in German)

9.00 Uhr      Begrüßung/Einleitende Worte
Prof. Dr. Burghart Schmidt, Präsident der Universität Vechta
Prof. Dr. Peter Nitschke, Wissenschaft von der Politik

9.15 Uhr       Die Gemeinschaft der Gemeinschaften

Prof. Dr. Michael Gehler, Sitftung Universität Hildesheim

10.15 Uhr     Von der liberalen zur illiberalen Demokratie -  Die ungarische Verfassungsentwicklung im Spiegel von Werten und Wertkonflikten
Prof. Dr. Zoltan Tibor Pallinger, Andrassy Universität Budapest

11.15 Uhr     Kaffeepause

11.30 Uhr     Ein neuer Wertekonsens für einen besseren Zusammenhalt in der Union
Roland Freudenstein, Policy Director, Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies, Brüssel

12.30 Uhr     Mittagspause

14.00 Uhr     Europäische Werte in der Globalisierung? Dr. Barbara Henry, Universität Pisa

15.00 Uhr     Europäische Werte aus der Perspektive der Türkei Meral Avci, RWTH Aachen

16.00 Uhr     Kaffeepause

16.15 Uhr     Der Raum der Freiheit, der Sicherheit und des Rechts
Prof. Dr. Hermann-Josef Blanke, Universität Erfurt

17.15 Uhr     Ein oder moreere Europas? Ostmitteleuropa auf der Suche nach den (europäischen) Werten
Dr. Ladislav  Cabada, Metropolitan University Prague

18.15 Uhr     Die Nachhaltigkeit der europäischen Idee
 Prof. Dr. Peter Nitschke, Universität Vechta

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