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The Commission for International Cooperation (CIC) supports the university management in its internationalisation activities. In particular, it deals with fundamental questions of the internationalisation of research and teaching. Another important objective of the Commission's work is to strengthen and concentrate the structures already in place to establish strategic partnerships.The current term of office of KiK members begins on 01. 05. 2017 and ends on 30. 04. 2019. The commission usually meets twice a semester.






Prof. Dr. Burghart Schmidt, President


Elective members (with right to vote):


Group of the professors

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schubert
  • Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann
  • Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Merle


Group of the scientific employees

  • Dr. Olga Siegmunt


Group of the employees in technology and management

  • Lea Sophie Schmidt


Group of the students

  • Wiebke Bührmann



Advisory members (without right to vote):


  • Dr. Natalia Petrillo, Head of the International Office / Department for International Affairs
  • Christiane Drave, Head Language Centre
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Dr. Natalia Petrillo

Head of the Department for International Affairs

Room G 01

Phone +49. (0) 4441.15 613