Summer School - Current Crisis and Perspectives of Democracy in Brazil and Mexico 17.06. - 21.06.2019

In 2018, two thirds of the nearly 645 million Latin Americans were called upon to set the course for the development of their countries by casting their votes. Elections were held in Brazil and Mexico. While the election of Jair Bolsonaro as the new President of Brazil is interpreted by many as a sign of a severe crisis of democracy, Mexico’s new president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is seen as an important sign of hope. The summer school will discuss current trends in these countries in a comparative fashion. Numerous experts from both countries will support our summer school. Students from Brazil, Mexico and Germany will discuss questions about democracy and its relationship with new and old nationalisms, violence, inequality, poverty, disappointments but also hopes and new political projects for the future.

The program is conducted in English.  Participants will receive 5 ECTS by regularly attending the Summer School.





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Academic Coordinators


Dr. Oliver Kozlarek               Dr. Stephan Sandkötter

University of Vechta                               University of Vechta       

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Prof. Dr. Marcos Alan Ferreira         Prof. Dr. Sérgio Costa          Prof. Dr. Bruno Gandlgruber         

University Federal de Paraíba, Brazil                      Freie Universität, Berlin                        University UAM Cuajimalpa, Mexico               


Prof. Dr. Wil Pansters                       Lars Döpking                                Prof. Dr. Fernando Castañeda

University Utrecht, Netherlands                         Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung     University Nacional Autónoma de México


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