University library services

You have arrived in Vechta and would like to start working on your research project. In order to do so, you will probably need access to the university library and its services. Here, we provide information on what kinds of services are available for international visiting scholars and how to get access to them. 

If you are eligible to apply for a UniCard or a library card, even as a visiting researcher you may get access to all services, resources and working spaces of the university library. You are eligible to apply for a UniCard if you are matriculated as a student, or if you are a staff member of the University. If you have neither student nor staff status, you can still apply for a library card as an external user. In order to do so, you will need to present a valid pass or identity card, as well as a proof of registration (Meldebescheinigung) in Vechta or within the Vechta county (Landkreis Vechta). The library card registration fee is € 5,00 for external users. You can pay the fee only by credit card (no cash) at the vending machines inside the library building. If you need assistance applying for the library card, please let us know! At the Welcome Centre we will be happy to assist you.

As soon as you hold a UniCard or a library card, you will be able to:

- borrow printed media (books, magazines, etc. that are suitable for external loan)

- access online media from within the library, download online articles, journals, books, etc. through the computers in the library building

- use the printers, copy-machines and scanners available in the library building (you can scan for free, but you will have to pay, by UniCard or cash, for printing and copying)

- have access to the wireless network within the library building (if you hold a UniCard; in case you do not, you can obtain a guest access to the university wireless network- please contact us at the Welcome Centre for further information)

- make use of the working spaces within the reading area (Lesebereich) of the library


In case your stay in Vechta is just short-term (less than three months) and you are therefore not eligible to apply for a library card, you can still access a number of library services without library card:

- you can consult printed media within the library

- you can scan printed media for free at the library and save it in your personal USB stick (please use the book scanner on the ground floor of the library)

- you can copy printed media at the copy machine that operates with coins (on the ground floor)

- you can make use of working spaces in the reading area

If you urgently need access to online media (journals etc.), or need to borrow printed media, but you do not hold a UniCard or a library card, please ask your Vechta Univeristy supervisor or the Welcome Centre for assistance. We may be able to find alternative solutions.

Here you can find further information on registration to the university library (in German only):

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