The UniCard

The UniCard of the University of Vechta grants you access to many services offered on campus. The card is usually personalized and allows you to pay for several services on campus.

Through the UniCard you can:

  • pay for food and drinks in the canteen and in the bistro of the university (building "M"),
  • use the eight book scanners available at the library for free,
  • make use of the 37 multi-function machines throughout campus,
  • and if you are employed at the University, you also have the possibility to create an account for your university-related costs (Kostenstelle)

The personalized UniCard also serves as library card, but it has to be activated at the service desk of the University library. If you wish to activate the library card, please bring with you a valid ID or pass, your address registration (Meldebescheinigung), and if you are a student, your student ID.

You will automatically get a personalized UniCard in case you are a student or a staff member of the University of Vechta. If you are a student, you usually receive your UniCard when you get matriculated at the matriculation office (Immatrikulationsamt). If you are a staff member, you will get your UniCard during your first days of work from the Dezernat 1- Personal.

However, you can get a UniCard even if you do not hold student or employee status at the University (in case you are in Vechta for a short-term stay as a visiting scholar). In this case, the Welcome Centre can help you apply for a non-personalized UniCard for international visiting scholars. Please get in touch with us and we will assist you in applying for the UniCard. Please note that you need to return the UniCard at the International Office before leaving the University of Vechta.

Contact person:

Dr. Caterina Bonora

Welcome Centre of the University of Vechta 

E-Mail: Opens window for sending emailwelcomecentre[at]uni-vechta[dot]de 

Room G 08

Tel. +49. (0) 4441.15 747
Fax +49. (0) 4441.15 67 613