Are you interested in coming to Vechta for your PhD, as a visiting researcher or guest lecturer? On this page you can find useful information for planning the research-related aspect of your stay. What are the admission criteria you need to fulfill in order to apply for a Ph.D. at the University of Vechta? What are the research foci of the University of Vechta? Which funding opportunities are there for international researchers who would like to come to Vechta for a research stay? Here you can find the answers to these and further questions on doing research in Vechta and in Germany.

Research profile and interests of the University of Vechta

You are planning a research stay at a German university in order to broaden your research experience and exchange ideas with other experts in your field. Is the University of Vechta the right host institution for you? In order to clarify this question, you can refer to the research profile and interests of the University of Vechta. Here, you will find a guiding overview.

Pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Vechta

Are you interested in pursuing a doctorate at the University of Vechta? We are looking forward to your project! On this web page, you will find a summary of the most important requirements for enrolling in a doctoral programme at the University of Vechta, as well as a guideline for planning a doctorate at the University of Vechta.

International researchers' experiences in Vechta

Which topics do international PhD students research on at the University of Vechta? What did international guest researchers especially liked during their stay in Vechta? Why did they decide to come to Vechta and to Germany? Here you will find some experiences of international researchers in Vechta.

Funding opportunities for international academics

On this page, we have collected information on various research funding opportunities for international students/researchers of the University of Vechta. This includes internal funds awarded directly by the University of Vechta, as well as external funding opportunities offered by other German institutions.

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