Your search for an accommodation in Vechta should start well before your arrival in Vechta, as the availability of both long-term and of short-term accommodations is rather limited. Of course, looking for a long-term appartment will be quite different from finding a short-term accommodation in a hotel or hostel. But in both cases, we can support you in finding an appropriate place to stay.

Short-term stays

If you plan to stay for a rather short time, or if you want to book a first temporary accommodation for the first days/weeks in Vechta, you can book a room in a hotel or guesthouse. If you prefer to look for a hotel, you can use various Opens external link in new windowsearch engines available online. For short-term rentals of furnished appartments, please consult Opens external link in new windowAirbnb, which offers private appartments or rooms for rental. In Germany, it is also common to sublet your room or appartment for short-term stays while you are away. If you are interested in renting a sublet room (Zwischenmiete), please refer to the online portals listed below, in the section on long-term stays.

⇒ At the Welcome Centre we can provide you personalized information for your search and help you navigate the appartment search in Vechta, and help you communicate with hotels or landlords.

Long-term stays

If you plan to stay for several months, it is worth looking for a longer-term solution. If the start of your research stay in Vechta coincides with the beginning of the winter semester, it is really important that you start your search for an apartment well in advance. In fact, in this period (August to November) many new students move to Vechta and the availability of apartments and rooms considerably diminishes.

In Germany, it is very common to ask for a deposit (usually two monthly rents) at the beginning of the rental period. The deposits guarantees that you will be able to cover possible damages to the apartment. Provided you did not cause any damage to the apartment, the deposit will be returned back to you in its entirety upon your departure from the apartment.

To look for an apartment or room in Vechta, there are several online search engines and portals you can refer to:

If you are already in Vechta, you can also look for the several notice boards hanging around campus (especially at the entrance of the main buildings), where there are often notices of rental or sublet of rooms and apartments. Moreover, you can find rental notices in local and regional newspapers like the Oldenburgische Volkszeitung, OV am Sonntag, Nordwest-Zeitung, Rundschau am Mittwoch, Sonntagsblatt, etc., in the section on real estate (Immobilienteil). You can also find a list of real estate agents on the website of the Opens external link in new windowcity of Vechta. However, please notice that they often require an additional payment.

In Germany, there is a distinction between "cold rent" (Kaltmiete) and "warm rent" (Warmmiete). The cold rent is the part of the rent that you pay to the landlord for renting the space only. The warm rent is composed by the cold rent, plus the utility costs for water, hot water, heating, trash disposal, house insurance, etc. The cost for utilities are paid to the landlord as a monthly lump-sum. At the end of the year, the landlord or house administrators calculate the whole consumption for the year, to see whether tenants payed in excess or rather owe something to the landlord. The utility costs in the warm rent do not include electricity, internet and the radio/television tax.  

The average cost of a room ("warm rent") is 250€-300€/month, depending on size and location. To this, you often have to add internet bill and radio/television tax. The average cost of a one-room apartment (again "warm") is 400€-450€, also depending on size and location of the apartment. Also here, you have to add electricity bills, internet and radio/television tax.

The radio/television tax is fixed (17,50€/month) and is calculated per household, independently from the number of people that live in the household. After registering your address in Vechta, you will receive a payment request.

⇒ Should you need any help in looking for a place to stay in Vechta, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you:

  • We answer personalized questions concerning apartment search in Vechta
  • We inform you on the documents you need to present, when you apply for an apartment
  • We can help you in the communication with the landlord
  • We also provide information on buying and selling furniture (please see "Opens external link in new windowshopping in Vechta")

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