The offered courses at the University of Vechta stand out due to its main ephasis on teaching and education as well as social services. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of courses from E like English to S like Sport. These courses can be studied in the Bachelor "Combined Studies" with or without teaching option.

English Taught Courses

For exchange students, who want to participate in courses in English, the University of Vechta offers a interdiciplinary English study program. Students can choose courses from the English program "Certificate of International Management and Practical Ethics", as well.


The Language Centre is a central institution of the University of Vechta. Its goal is to teach foreign languages and techincal jargon through media-assisted techniques. The Language Centre is open for students of all faculties and administrative and teaching staff.

Courses: Selection and Registration

While being an exchange student at the University of Vechta you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses from Bachelor and Master programs. The International Office is happy to help you choose your courses and register for them.

Courses: Course and Exam Types

What does studying at the University of Vechta look like? What types of courses and exams will await you?

The University's Advisory Facilities

The University of Vechta offers several you can use to effectively and successfully organize your studies.

The Academic Year and the Institutional Data Sheet

Here you can find information about the most important appointments of the semester and basic information about the University of Vechta.

Code of Conduct

The National Codex defines basic standards for consultation and support of international students.

Contact Persons

Laura Heinz & Dr. Frauke Schumacher

Contact Persons for International Students


Opens window for sending emaillaura.heinz[at]uni-vechta[dot]de /

Opens window for sending emailfrauke.schumacher[at]uni-vechta[dot]de

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Office Hours:

Tuesday       10:00 - 11:00 Uhr
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