There are a lot of formalities coming to Vechta and matriculate at the university that you have to complete. The International Office is happy to help international students with all the formalities during the orientation weeks (Opens internal link in current windowSmoother Start Program).

Registration and Residence Permit

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Students, who are new in Vechta, are obliged to register their address with the Opens external link in new windowCity of Vechta. In addition, students, who are from a non-EU-country, have to apply for a residence permit at the Opens external link in new windowAdministrative District Vechta.

Bank Account

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For smooth and simultaneously low-cost payment transactions in Germany you are advised to open a bank account here in Vechta. This way you can easily plan your monthly payments, like rent.

On presentation of your ID or passport as well as your certificate of residence and your Acceptance Letter of the University of Vechta you can open a student bank account (possible at most banks) without paying a monthly fee.

For more information please visit the local banks.

Health Insurance

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International students have to have a valid health insurance in order to register at the University of Vechta. There is a possibility that your health insurance from home is valid here in Vechta as well. If not, international students have the following possibilities:

Take out a foreign health insurance for Germany in your home country

Here you have to make sure that the health insurance covers everything. The insurance policy has to be available in English and in German.

European students, who have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and Turkish students, who have an AT/11 form, do not need an extra health insurance to study in Germany. Please note that this rule does not apply, if you have a job or internship in Germany.

Take out insurance in Germany

There are private and national health insurances in Germany. Students have to pay 90€ per month for national health insurance. Costs for private health insurance can differ and you can compare them online.

Students with foreign health insurance or a private German health insurance need proof for registration at university, that the insurance is sufficient. This proof can be issued by national German health insurances.

Important information about health insurance can be found on the following website: Opens external link in new windowGerman Academic Exchange Service

Contact Persons

Laura Heinz & Dr. Frauke Schumacher

Contact Persons for International Students


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