Studying Gerontology in Vechta:

In Vechta, education and advanced training for gerontologists goes back more than 20 years. The University of Vechta offers a Bachelor course in gerontology, which is unique in Germany. For students with a Bachelor degree, who want to further deepen their studies in the field of gerontology, a Master course is available.

Courses of Study:

Bachelor of Gerontology

The study of gerontology opens up a variety of professional perspectives, e.g. in institutions of elderly care and geriatric facilities, service companies and advice centres for the elderly, old-age-care planning, adult education and courses for senior citizens provided by the community, psychosocial support, political-, organisational- and management consultancy as well as management in the public health sector and charities.

Master of Gerontology

The master of gerontology course aims at deepening and broadening specialized knowledge and professional skills. This is achieved through independent learning and applying theoretical and practical expertise in the field of gerontology. Relevant gerontological research strands in sociology, economics and psychology are integrated in the course. The course focuses on practice- and action oriented transfer of knowledge in order to well prepare students for applying their skills in their prospective professional fields.

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