Team "Research Methods"

Prof. Dr. Harald Künemund


Main topics

Societal participation
Productive aging
Generational relations
Family and social networks
Social security
Aging and technology
Life course and biography
Research methods


Driverstr. 23
Room R 202
Tel.: +49 4441 15 608
Fax: +49 4441 15 621

E-Mail: harald.kuenemund

Katja Rackow


Main topics

Statistics and research methods
Solidarity and societal cohesion


Driverstr. 23
Room R 229
Tel.: +49 4441 15 736
Fax: +49 4441 15 621

E-Mail: katja.rackow

Doctoral students

Sehar Ezdi:
The elderly missing women problem in Pakistan
Paskas Wagana Lucas:
Implications of a universal pension on family solidarity in Tanzania
Cleophas Peter Mabula:
Sampling for social surveys in East Africa
Octavian C.M. Mahamba:
A typology of female headed households in Tanzania: Causes and consequences
Michael Nitschke:
Entwicklung eines Beratungsangebots zur selbsbestimmten Nutzung altersgerechter Assistenzsysteme
Nele Marie Tanschus:
Altern und Generationenbeziehungen in Tansania

Student tutors

Kira Baresel

Kristian Maikowske

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University of Vechta
Institute for Gerontology
P.O. Box 1553
D-49364 Vechta

Visitor's address:

Driverstr. 23
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Room R 204a
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