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Are you interested in learning something about your cognitive performance?

We are always looking for interested persons between 30 and 100 years of age, who would like to participate in scientific studies.


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is a neuropsychological training program for the enhancement of cognitive functioning in elderly people and patients with cognitive impairment. Various types of training for example with and without exercise training are being developed and tested for their efficacy.

Psychosocial interventions in dementia

The project aims to examine effects of a neuropsychological intervention program and a music-geragogical intervention on cognition, activities of daily living and quality of life in patients with mild to moderate dementia residing in nursing homes.

Decision-making across the life-span

The cognitive and emotional basis of everyday decision-making in healthy elderly people is investigated. Furthermore, psychophysiological correlates and social-demographical determinants of decision-making are examined.

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