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Dr. Babatola Dominic Olawa

Gastwissenschaftler und Stipendiat der Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung

Research focus

  • Biopsychosocial factors influencing emotional wellbeing at young adulthood and old age.
  • Emotional wellbeing of vulnerable populations including prison inmates, internally displaced persons and security personnel in war fronts.
  • Cross-cultural factors in subjective wellbeing among older adults.


2008: BSc. Psychology, University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

2011: MSc. Psychology, University of Lagos, Nigeria

2017: Ph. D. Clinical Psychology, Ekiti State University, Nigeria

Important professional stations 

2009-2010: Teaching Assistant, University of Lagos, Nigeria

2010-2011: Clinical Intern, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

2019: Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), Jacob University, Bremen, Germany

2019- January 2022: Postdoctoral Fellow, Lifestyle Diseases Research Entity, North-West University South Africa

2022 till date: Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, The Institute for Gerontology, University of Vechta, Germany

2012 till date: Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria


Research projects and collaborations

Health stressors and subjective wellbeing in the oldest-old: A comparison of coping resources in individualistic and collectivist cultures

Project collaborator: Prof. Maria K. Pavlova

This proposed study is aimed at testing whether optimism, social support and living standard moderate the impact of health stressors on SWB differently among oldest-old adults in the respective individualistic and collectivistic nations of Germany and Nigeria.  Data from 600 oldest adults from the latest wave of the German Ageing Survey (DEAS 2017) will be matched according to sex and age with 600 oldest-old adults to be recruited from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Validated scales will be transadapted for data collection among the Nigerian sample following the DEAS protocols. Analyses of data will be carried out using structural equation modelling in SPSS AMOS. This study will provide the cultural lens through which psychological, social and economic resources promote SWB among oldest-old adults. Overall, outcomes will be useful for cross-cultural interventions and policy formations for enhancement of successful and happy ageing in the most advanced stage of human development.

Teachings and supervision

Teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses in abnormal/clinical psychology, health psychology, psychology of the elderly, research methods, statistical methods in psychology and biopsychology. Supervision of undergraduate projects and postgraduate dissertations.


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